Louisiana Rural Water Association

                                         The WU Mission


To provide recognition and certification for experience and educational achievements in the field of water and wastewater management.


Today, the water and wastewater industry is more complex than ever before. Economics, increased complexity in regulatory requirements and a changing society are crafting the water and wastewater systems of tomorrow. As our industry changes, there is a strong need to recognize the individuals who provide leadership to the industry and create a standard for the future.

Water University certification programs are designed to recognize the professional educational achievements of individuals and to market their achievements and skills to increase the value of today's water professionals.

Water University highly-recommends the use of study material before taking certification examinations, including the purchase of study guides and attendance of Water U preparation courses. Examinations cover a wide array of topics in great technical detail. A preview of the study guide is available here. To purchase study guides, visit the Water U Bookstore.

    Certification Curriculum


      Utility Management

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