Louisiana Rural Water Association

         Certification & Operator Training Information


              Operator Certification Exam Information



                         2010 Operator Exam Schedule

                                                   From the Dept. of Health & Hospital


Please visit the Department of Health & Hospitals website for the Exam Results Report.



                         DHH-Course Approval Form



Operator Certification Applications

               & Study Guides


* Operator Certification Exam Application
     (PDF document)       
This is a new exam application form from DHH as of January 2009.  Please use this form and not the older version.


* Operator Certification Application - Send in after you have
    passed your exam.


* Certification Math Sheet


* Water Need to Know sheet


* Wastewater Need to Know sheet

Important Water & Wastewater
System & Operator Information

* Louisiana Water & Wastewater Operator Certification Rule


* Operation & Manual Template


* FTC's Red Flag Rule for All Utilities - Thanks to National Rural Water Association and Minnesota Rural Water Association for these free downloads.  The word version is editable.
        PDF version                        Word version


* NRWA's Identity Theft Prevention Program Guidance


Cross Connection Control Model Ordinance


* Chlorine Residual Report

Entry Point into Distribution System


Entry Point of Maximum Residence Time


* CMOM - Capacity Management Operations & Maintenance


* Tier Two - Chlorine Storage Report


* Chapter XII - Water Supplies, Chapter XIII - Sewage Disposal & Chapter XIV - Plumbing


* State Certified Labs Approved by Louisiana Dept. of Health & Hospitals



*Louisiana Certified Laboratories Drinking Water Microbiology



*Ten States Recommended Standards for Water Works - Policies for the Review and Approval of Plans and Specifications for Public Water Supplies

                                         DHH-2010 Approved Operator Classes

                                                          From the Dept. of Health & Hospital

Credit Card Authorization Form

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