Louisiana Rural Water Association

Louisiana Rural Water Association has many programs to provide operator training and technical assistance to utility systems throughout the state of Louisiana.


Listed below are the programs that LRWA has to offer.

The following programs and their services are free of charge.


LRWA Training & Onsite Assistance Program:  Funded by National Rural Water Association through the Environmental Protection Agency.  LRWA has one Training Specialist covering the state.  This program provides technical asistance to systems throughout the state with a population under 10,000.  The program also provides training sessions across the state to keep systems updated on Safe Drinking Water Act rules and regulations.  The training hours received are used to comply with state re-certification requirements.


American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA Circuit Rider):  Funded by National Rural Water Association through USDA-Rural Development.  LRWA has two Water Circuit Riders covering the state to work with water and wastewater utility systems and the state Rural Development office to assist in the RUS loan and grant application process.  The ARRA Circuit Riders also assist in the recruitment of potential RUS loan/grant applicants as well as assist those applicants in the preparation of the RUS loan and grant application. 


Water Circuit Rider Program:  Funded by National Rural Water Association through USDA-Rural Development.  LRWA has three Water Circuit Riders covering the state providing technical assistance to water system personnel on the daily operations of their system.  These services include on-site visits and information on Safe Drinking Water Act rules and regulations, water quality analysis, disinfection and chemical feed, treatment processes, distribution maintenance, line and valve locations, pump and motor maintenance and rate structures. 


Wastewater Program:  Funded by National Rural Water Association through USDA-Rural Development.  LRWA provides on-site technical assistance throughout the state of Louisiana with three wastewater technicians.  Technical assistance provided includes treatment plant operations, maintenance, finance, management, regulatory requirements, health concerns and operator certifications.  The wastewater technician provide training sessions throughout the state of Louisiana on a small scale.  This small scale training enables them to have more of a one-on-one with the operators, managers, etc.


USDA Source Water Protection Program:  Funded by National Rural Water Association through the United States Department of Agriculture.  Through this program LRWA provides technical assistance to rural and small communities served by public water systems to reduce or eliminate the potential risks to drinking water supplies throught the development of Source Water Protection Plans and providing assistance to entities for the implementation of contaminant preventative measures.


Rural Water Board Development Training:  This training will focus specifically on providing training to governing officials and utility managers of small rural water and wastewater systems.  This training will emphasize topics that will enhance knowledge of basic governing skills and responsibilities.  This training will also offer guidance in specific areas such as hiring and managing managers, ensuring adequate financing and accountability and board self-evaluation.  It will also work with board members and upper management in expanding their system's financial, managerial and technical capacity through the use of self-assessment.  Training in areas of budgeting, policy-making, customer relations, and board member's legal obligations will assist each system with their capacity development process.


Rural Water Energy Program:  LRWA offers specialized training and technical assistance to small water and/or wastewater systems with six field technicians in the state of Louisiana.  The program is designed to reduce energy consumption and increase the efficiency of operation with emphasis on the following:

 *Leak Detection

 *Bench Testing for Water Meters

 *Consumer Metering Program

 *Infiltration (Smoke Test) Survey

 *Sewer Video Camera

 *Source Metering Program


Louisiana Compliance Initiative Program (LCI):  Funded by the Department of Health and Hospitals.  LRWA's LCI Program employs two technician covering Louisiana.  LRWA began offering this program in August of 1992 to assist very small water systems in returning to compliance with EPA and DHH regulations and after a brief lapse LRWA is offering this program once again.  This assistance is provided through in-field technical assistance visits and periodic one-day training sessions taught in conjunction with DHH enforcement officials.  The program concentrates on the very small water systems such as restaurants, mobile home parks, RV parks, industries, country stores, etc.  It also offers assistance to larger public water systems that have received Administrative Orders from DHH.  The LCI Program is designed to help the system return to compliance through operator initiative rather than by continued enforcement action from EPA and DHH.


Very Small Water System Training Program:  LRWA offers the Very Small Water System (VSWS) Training Program to all water and wastewater systems throughout the state of Louisiana.  LRWA provides three two-day training sessions located throughout the state of Louisiana, annually.  The VSWS Program targets the small systems (systems under 500 pop.,  mobile home parks, subdivisions, etc.).  The training is done by the LRWA staff in conjuction with DHH and other sources available through LRWA.


The Annual Conference and the 32 or 40 hours of Certficiation Training described below cost to attend.  There is a fee payment due to attend the conference and the certficiation training classes.


Conference:  LRWA provides an Annual Conference to over 1,500 water and wastewater professionals, as well as mayors, board members, clerks, and decision makers.  This conference allows these professionals to receive up to 32 hours of re-certification credits.  This conference has had over 120 exhibitors displaying their state of the art products, which is important to the water and wastewater industry.  Our annual conference puts water and wastewater personnel in touch with vendor's products while obtaining valuable training.


Traning Program:  LRWA takes pride in the Training and Technical Assistance that we offer throughout the year from one end of Louisiana to the other.  The training sessions are instructed by individuals with a wide variety of expertise in water and wastewater related issues, as well as LA Department of Health & Hospitals, Office of Public Health personnel to keep attendees abreast of current and changing State Regulations.  LRWA offers a wide variety of training sessions such as Environmental Protection Agency, LA Compliance Initiative, Very Small Water System, Board/Council Member, Wastewater, Safe Drinking Water "The Basics" as well as our Annual Conference which includes Certification Training and Technical Training for office personnel.


LRWA provides training for 32 or 40 hours of water and wastewater certification for levels 1 and 2 at the Wayne Fontenot Training Center located at our office in Kinder.  This facility comfortably seats 48 attendees by providing educational instructions to assist them with the certification exam and training to meet all state and federal regulations by learning the Rules and Regulations of the Safe Drinking Water Act and the Clean Water Act.


The LRWA's specialized training sessions provide water and wastewater systems' personnel with an opportunity to solve problems by sharing ideas with state and federal agencies, engineers, contractors, manufacturers, and other water and wastewater system personnel.  Training sessions cover a broad spectrum of needs ranging from water treatment, state and federal water and wastewater regulations, to financial management practices, and operator certification.  This training allows water professionals to upgrade their skills, improve the quality of their utilities' service, and protect their community's health.


LRWA provides one or two day training sessions to keep systems updated on Safe Drinking Water Act Rules and Regulations, Water Conservation, Operation & Maintenance, Board/Council Members Training, and Training for Secretaries, Clerks, Office Managers, etc.  The training hours you receive at these training sessions can be used to comply with state re-certification requirements.


Below is a list of some topics that are covered during these training sessions and conferences:

 * Introduction to Safe Drinking Water Program

 * Enforcement, How to Maintain Compliance

 * Bacteriological Sampling

 * Operator Certification Program

 * Groundwater Protection Program

 * Operating a water system...Getting Certified

 * Sewer Lift Stations

 * Troubleshooting, Control Transformers, Single Phase

 * Smoke Testing and TV Inspections

 * Hydrant Operations

 * Disinfection Challenges and Chlorine Safety

 * Troubleshooting Filters

 * Water Leak Detection

 * Wastewater Plant Operations

 * Electrical Equipment

 * Everything You Need to Know About Chlorinators

 * Cross-Connections

 * Proper Security for your Water System

 * Security Vulnerability/Emergency Respone Plan


LaWARN (Louisiana Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network):  Following the impacts of Hurricane Katrine and then Hurricane Rita, it became apparent that even with the extraordinary efforts of utilities, water associations, and state regulatory agencies, the demand for resources and knowing where those resources were available overwhelmed the ability to effectively coordinate the intial response.  Realizing that utilities needed a different approach, leaders in the water community and state agencies have joined together to create the Louisiana Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network or LaWARN.  Our mission is to support and promote statewide emergency preparedness, disaster response, and mutual assistance matters for public and private water and wastewater utilties.  The LaWARN program provides its member utilities with:

 * A standard omnibus mutual assistance agreement and process for sharing emergency resources

    among members statewide.

 * A mutual assistance program consistent with other statewide mutual aid programs.

 * The resources to respond and recover more quickly from a disaster.

 * A forum for developing and maintaining emergency contacts and relationships.

 * New ideas from lessons learned in disasters.


Legislative:  LRWA works with coalitions to provide data and dissemiinate rules and regulations to evaluate effectiveness and cost to rural water systems.  Attend legislative sessions in Baton Rouge and Washington, DC, to inform our congressional memebers of problems in Louisiana.





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