Louisiana Rural Water Association

           LRWA:  The Complete Package

Louisiana Rural Water Association (LRWA) is governed by a membership elected board of directors.  LRWA is a non-profit organization established in 1978 to assist small water and wastewater systems through training, on-site technical assistance, and state operator certification.  Our assistance is geared toward the operation and maintenance of water and wastewater systems and to assist them in understanding the rules and regulations of said operation.  LRWA has been the driving force providing water and wastewater training and technical assistance to small towns and rural areas of all sixty-four parishes of Louisiana.


In short, LRWA has a proven track record of providing the highest quality training, technical assistance and information products and services necessary for promoting public health and environmental protection.  The professional staff of LRWA is skilled in all areas of water and wastewater operations and management.  The goals of LRWA, through the Safe Drinking Water Program, are to protect the public's health by ensuring the provision of safe drinking water and compliance with federal and state rules, regulations, and standards as we have in years past.


Technical assistance is a key ingredient in LRWA's effort to improve the quality of utility services in rural Louisiana and America.  More than 2,700 water and wastewater systems benefit from this assistance each year.  Our dedicated group of professional technical assistance providers makes over 7,700 on-site visits annually.  They assist systems with their efforts to comply with complex regulations and to protect the public's health.


LRWA provides assistance by telephone, on-site technical assistance, and classroom instruction training.  We have various programs in place with qualified field technicians per program.  By simply calling the office at 1-800-256-2591 or 337-738-2896 you will be provided with the necessary information or your message will be relayed to the proper field technician, followed by a telephone call and/or an on-site visit.


Some of the services LRWA offers are:

 * Provide assistance by telephone, on-site technical assistance and training to

    all water and wastewater systems across the state

 * Provide membership to water and/or wastewater systems, small

    municipalities, individual and vendors associated with the water and/or

    wastewater industry

 * Updated yearly membership list provided to associate members

 * Operator certification training, applications, and information

 * Energy conservation training sessions and technical assistance (smoke

    testing, leak detection, sewer video camera, etc.)

 * Statewide training sessions on related topics for water and/or

    wastewater systems

 * Various training manuals for operator certification

 * Various manuals for the operation and maintenance of water and/or

     wastewater systems

 * Re-certification credit hours available through LRWA training sessions

 * Annual technical/training conference

 * Rate structures

 * Informing membership of federal and state issues

 * Lobby programs on the state and federal level

 * Quarterly magazines with advertisement and articles related to water and

    wastewater industry to all members (free classified ads- Help Wanted or

    Equipment for Sale)

 * Expeditious on-site technical assistance for all types of water and/or

    wastewater systems

 * Water and/or wastewater system health insurance package

 * Water and/or wastewater system liability insurance package

 * Reduced registration fees for all LRWA events

 * LRWA offers up-to-date information on our web-site (www.lrwa.org)

 * Transportable wastewater pilot plant with complete lab setup

 * Equipment available along with technical assistance

 * Voting rights in association affairs for active members


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